27. Tales From the Crit - Straight to VHS - The Island of Dr. Von Mueller Tape 3

August 11, 2017

The wait is over! Find out the exciting conclusion of the Island of Dr. Von Mueller in tape 3. Is there a secret lab, a Nazi scientist, and whole mess of trouble for the 3 heroes to get into? You bet your sweet ass! And if you liked this series, expect more Straight to VHS in the future!

Expect in the immediate future a new campaign run by Alex set in the Delta Green role playing system. The players work in a duty-bound shadow government organization investigating all of the dark and twisted mysteries, and protecting the public from all of the secrets it is not safe for them to know. 

Thanks to Blue Stahli for the intro music. The Straight to VHS RPG is the property of Lost Cat Games® Find out more about the Straight to VHS RPG system at www.lostcatgames.com

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